Babies are curious and active - we provide the opportunities for playing, crawling and eventually walking. Our trained staff specializes in infant care services with the education and experience to stimulate your infant's interest with age-appropriate toys and books. Lots of "floor-time" so your baby can explore their world. PTF Academy endeavors to make your baby's time with us an extension of your home.

Daily schedule and environments are tailored to meet your baby's individual needs. Daily logs are maintained by our trained staff to record your baby's feedings, amount, diaper changing and activities. Parents are encouraged and invited to visit the nursery on a regular basis.

Toddlers - 1 Year Olds

Each day is an opportunity to  explore and adventure. Their new-found freedom of mobility allows them to venture into a fascinating world. These first steps of independence allows them to take their FIRST steps, speak their FIRST words. Circle TIme is introduced to assist with language building and development of social and emotional skills.

Patience, understanding and love is crucial during this times. Toddlers display a variety of mood swings, their zest for exploring a brand new world is exhilarating.  PTF Academy encourages their drive to learn through art, music, language building with High Reach and Creative curriculum.  

Toddlers - 2 year olds

Two year olds are enjoying a new-found language. They are rapidly acquiring new language skills and increased motor abilities. Our staff encourages their new knowledge through praises and affirmations. The High Reach and Creative curriculum emphasis is placed on language development, sharing, helping and being a good listener through hands on activities.


Daily Circle Time, teaches them to listen to stories, engage in language development with various rhymes, finger play and music. We encourage social interaction with age-appropriate activities. Two year olds practice table manners and participate in our potty-training program for those who are ready.

Toddlers - 3 year olds

Literacy and number development is key element in the three year old curriculum. Our early childhood program strengthens their social and emotional growth through hands-on structured activities. We encourage the strengthening of motor skills through dancing, music and outdoor playground activities. These skills  are refined with arts and crafts, play time, puzzles and block building activities.

Our High Reach Pre-school and Creative curriculum provides hands-on experiences, real life adventures while providing a stimulating and fun learning environment. Children learn through their relationship with others and we strive to create the social environment that will nurture your child's individual growth.

4 year olds & Pre-K

Four and five year olds are ready for  new challenges. Their activities are move involved stories, arts & crafts and activities. Early childhood learning includes exploring concepts in word association, numbers and patterns.

Our High Reach and Creative curriculum provides a solid foundation for Pre-K learning with essentials readiness skills through play and investigation activities, recognition of letters and numbers by sight and sound associations, recognition of the simple words and mathematics. Circle Time provides enriched environment where children learn days, months, seasons, discus weather, holidays, historical events and people.

PTF Academy Pre-K program prepares your child for formal school years and strengthens all areas of child's development.

Before & After School Care

Before and after school care at PTFA is a safe environment, our staff are screened by the Department of Children & Families. Your child's time with us is spent on daily activities such as homework time, arts & craft, enrichment hour, creative and physical activities. Call today to schedule a tour of our facility.